The project
KaffiQuest is a classical point & click adventure. The idea to realize the game came up in 1998 and development startet in 1999. The game is divided into three parts. The first episode is short and easy. It mainly has the objective of introducing the story to the player and motivating him to find out what happened to the former director of the school. You may download the demo for Windows which contains the first part here. The second part will be the longest and most difficult part of the game. KaffiQuest concludes with a short 3rd part, that ties together all open ends of the game. Meanwhile all the locations are rendered and most programming work is done. Currently I'm working on the second part of the adventure, i.e. I am creating and rendering animations for the different characters as well as for the hero.

The story
It's the year 2006, somewhere in Luxusbourg. The Athena highscool used to be a place where students enjoyed to go. However, after the mysterious disappearance of the beloved director Mr. Kaffi, the new director Dr. Schlitz has transformed the former highscool into nearly a prison. Students can't make a step without being surveyed. Every door in the building is secured by a an access card system and there is security stuff everywhere. Dr. Schlitz has full control and absolute power in every domain. The hero in this adventure is Philipp Ciossek. His duty is to discover what happened to Mr. Kaffi and to abolish the regime of Dr. Schlitz. To do this, Mr. Frizz, the school's genius in applied physics, sends Philipp back in time to the day when Mr. Kaffi disappeared...

Technical information
The game will be published for different operating systems. In a first step it will be available for Win9x or higher. After that I will work on a DOS Version. This should be no big problem, so I guess that I'll publish the DOS version very shortly after the initial version. Furthermore I'm planning to make a Linux port. This could however take a while.

The system requirements are for the Windows Version: Win9x or higher with DirectX 7 or higher, a CPU of at least 300Mhz and 64 MB of Memory, as well as 300MB on your harddisk drive. DOS Version: The CPU should be a Pentium 166 or better and at least 32MB of RAM will be required. Furthermore you need a graphics card which is VESA compliant. Some other graphics cards will be supported too. I will publish a list in time. The sound card should be a genuine soundblaster or 100% compatible. Some other sound cards will be supported too. I will also publish a list for that. Linux Version: there are no system requirements available at this time.