Shuttle III
The project
Shuttle III is a classical arcade shoot'em up game that I developed between 1996 and 1997. It was my first bigger game project. And it's also the last game I programmed in Basic, because I realized that I had reached it's limits. The graphics are in VGA, 640x480 with 16 colors. The game uses PC-Speaker sound. Shuttle3 features 6 levels and a lot of different types of ennemy space ships. Since 1998 there were no more updates to the game. You may download the game for free.

The story
In the year 2053 mankind has colonized the Moon and Mars. People are living happily and progress has brought a lot of new technologies. However, as the existence of extraterrestal life has been denied by most scientists, earth has no defense fleet for war in space. On the 10th of November in 2053, hundreds of extraterrestal space ships were discovered near Pluto, moving towards earth.
The government of the united nations of earth sent drones to make contact. However, the extraterrestal species didn't seem to be interested in peaceful relationships. All the drones were destroyed. In a crisis meeting it was decided to focus all scientists and engineers on one project: build within 30 days a powerful space fleet to protect earth. Unfortunately, after one month of intense research the crew was only able to build one single space ship. The governement decided that you should be the pilot of this shuttle. Your mission is to keep the ennemies occupied while earth builds more spaceships. The battle begins...

Technical information
The game runs on many operating systems. The game was tested with DOS, Win3.x, Win9x, Win2000 and WinXP. I sometimes experienced problems with a combination of Win2000 and a TFT Display. No other problems are known. The game requires a 486er CPU, better a Pentium CPU. The game requires only a few kilobytes of free memory.